October 25, 2012


CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT. Republicans have introduced the concept of legitimate rape, suggesting that some rape isn't as bad as others. Therefore, they suggest, the victims of less severe rape should not be legally entitled to abortions. They should be forced, by the political party which favors smaller gov't everywhere except the uterus and the Pentagon, to raise the child(ren) of their attackers. Because that isn't as confounding enough, Romney's strategy of claiming that women are more concerned about jobs than abortion because it's a family issue, is taking hold and more women than anyone suspected are polling for Romney.

 I've just seen a female pundit on Current TV claim that in essence, the GOP wants the fetus inside the woman to have more rights than the woman--and that this is basically enslaving women to their own fertility. That's all you're good for, gals! Birthin' babies! How neanderthal is that?

But what's most confounding of all is that if women truly were more focused on jobs, why the hell would they vote for any republican? That's the party which won seats in the 2010 mid-terms campaigning on jobs, jobs, jobs. Yet when they got into office, all the GOP wanted to do was tighten abortion laws. The GOP blocked all the democrats' jobs bills! Is the problem that: a) there are a lot more religious female voters who frown on abortion, b) that there are more racist/ignorant women who despise any candidate of color, or c) that the fortune Mitt's spent on advertising could actually turn the more sensitive sex against their own sisters who might need the procedure at some point.

Mitt would take office in 2013 on the 40th anniversary of Roe Vs Wade. I don't love Obama, but this is crystal clear: if women's reproductive rights/earning power or gay rights concern you, Obama is the clear choice. Ladies, if this makes any sense to you, please forward it to your sisters. And please do it soon! I ain't no real lady, but I would hate to see this happen to you, your sisters and this country.