October 18, 2012


On October 30, children at thousands of schools across the country will participate in "Mix It Up at Lunch Day" -- a decade-old effort to combat bullying by encouraging kids to spend time with someone new at the lunch table. But now religious-right extremists are trying to stop "Mix It Up at Lunch Day."
The American Family Association is mobilizing its supporters to call local schools and accuse them of "promoting the homosexual lifestyle" and "silencing Christians." All for simply encouraging kids to get to know each other instead of bullying those who are different from them.
Already a number of schools, both public and Catholic, have pulled out of the event, and the story has already made CNN and The New York TimesIt's up to us to show schools under fire that the American Family Association doesn't speak for sincere Christians, and that people of faith are united in opposing all forms of bullying.