September 03, 2012


You know those youtube videos that look really interesting but which are too long to watch in our ADD-riddled world? Well, for some reason that this non-techie can't comprehend, if you go to a youtube video and let it load completely, you can watch it on your computer even if you aren't online. I'm certain that I'm revealing how simple I am, but nothing whiles away the time like an entertaining documentary. I recommend the great Unsung series which has 40-50 minute mini-docs on all of the soul singers of the 70s and 80s which burnt brightly for a while only to disappear from the public eye. I've enjoyed the ones on Deniece Williams, Stacy Lattisaw, Billy Preston, the Sylvers and have yet to see Phyllis Hyman and many more.

And if you google "television archive youtube", a ton of candid interview will come up with stars of TV's golden age--from Bea Arthur to Shirley "Partridge" Jones. But make sure you let them load completely before you disconnect from the internet. ENJOY!