August 06, 2012


I watched a little on CNN this morning in my hotel room--I'd never watch their crap excuse for news at home. To discuss the Wisconsin shooting of sikhs in their temple Sunday morning, they had this republican former Bush appointee on. From the second she was introduced, she was animated and smiling--even playfully hitting the democratic strategist next to her with a pen at the end of the segment because massacres/hate crimes are just so fun! And I suppose many dunces in this land don't honestly care what any talking head is saying as long as it's "nice" and they are attractive with bleached blonde hair (if female) and teeth. 

The democrat spoke first and called for gun law reform. This blonde dismissed that with a laugh, claiming that today shouldn't be a day to discuss that. No! Of course not, bitch! Why would you dream of discussing the reason (our lax gun laws) for the shocking tragedy? She claimed that we should postpone the gun law debate so that the families could have a chance to grieve. Oh, so she isn't representing the NRA--as most democrats and all republicans do? She wants to respect the victims now. I wonder what the victims would want? Respect or the enhanced safety of tighter gun laws to help prevent future attacks like this? Hmmmm.

Even crazier, she smiled real purdy as she made her first comment: that this was a wonderful opportunity to educate everyone about Sikhism. What does that translate to for her idiotic, bigoted, gun-filled GOP fan base? KNOW WHICH TERRORISTS TO GUN DOWN CUZ THE SIKHS AREN'T EVEN MUSLIM OR ARAB? Of course the shooting isn't a "wonderful opportunity" in any way, but the CNN anchor agreed with her. So scale back the tragedy as a "wonderful opportunity" the first day afterward? Is that absurd spin responsible journalism in any way? I know that morning shows tend to keep things on the lighter side, but agreeing with that drivel is disrespectful to the victims. 

And let's look at why it should shock no one that a fool with a 9/11 tattoo gunned down a foreign people not associated with 9/11 in any way. THAT'S WHAT WE DID FOR ALMOST A DECADE IN IRAQ! Yep! We attacked the wrong people, the wrong race, the wrong country because we are so easily beguiled by pretty blondes talking shit on the news. CNN, along with the "liberal" NY Times, BOTH apologized for not asking harder questions of the Bush administration in the lead up to the Iraq war. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lay dead with many more displaced--and you paid for it with your tax dollars as your schools/fire depts and police forces' budget were scaled back to meet the whopping cost of two wars. In Wisconsin or in Iraq: ATTACKING THE WRONG PEOPLE IS THE AMERICAN WAY. Think about that as you hear these "news" channels discussing our next war in Iran. And a lame president like Barack Obama who voted against going to war with Iraq yet inexplicably claimed that impeaching Bush and Cheney for war crimes was "off the table" as soon as he got into office is the reason why this will never change. He'd somehow lost his own principles even before taking office!

Have there been any changes in Wisconsin gun laws recently?
Yes. Almost exactly a year ago, Walker signed the Personal Protection Act (PDF), a law that for the first time allowed Wisconsinites to carry a concealed gun with a license. If, as reported by NBC, the suspect was an Army veteran with an honorable discharge and no felony convictions, he could have gotten a permit summarily.
But he wouldn't have needed one, because Wisconsin has long permitted anyone to carry guns openly on their person without a license.

This petition was created before a gunman shot down at least 3 sikhs in their Wisconsin temple this morning. No idea what kind of gun was used, but please join me in urging Obama to get a spine and ban assault weapons which aren't for hunti
ng or self-defense--only for massacres and wars. They have no place in the hands of citizens, much less mentally ill citizens like the guy in Aurora, Colorado. Otherwise, imagine going to church or a movie, getting gunned down, and having NO right to complain about it.