August 23, 2012


Inducted into Next's Nightlife Hall Of Fame, here's a little article about yours truly and a few other old-timers of the NYC club scene. Lots of stuff I didn't know about their other inductees, too!

What do you need to know about Lady Bunny? Her resume reaches back into New York’s fabled club-kid era: drag queen, emcee, DJ, organizer of Wigstock, arbiter of drag dos and don’ts, blogger, cultural and political commentator. You name it, Bunny’s done it.
“Without a doubt, she is the funniest, wackiest, zaniest, madcap, anything-goes drag performer ever!” says New York drag doyenne Sherry Vine.
That anything-goes style may have been molded in East Village clubs like Pyramid, but it has its roots down south in Atlanta. Bunny was a student at Georgia State University in the ’80s when she first joined forces with a young RuPaul, go-go dancing in gay clubs for Larry Tee’s band, The Now Explosion. The queens she saw in those clubs were her first exposure to true glamour. “As soon as I saw any drag, I was fascinated by it. And they could tell that I was gonna be one of them.”