May 30, 2012


JOEY ARIAS WILL BE PERFORMING IN CENTRAL PARK. Performing, as opposed to his usual "act" of panhandling, fellating homeless men and sleeping on park benches. But anyhoo, go see huh! It's FREE!

Iconoclastic singer and genre-bending performance artist Joey Arias teams up with award-winning bassist, composer Ben Allison and his band for a concert that’s sure to ruffle some feathers (or make you sprout new ones). Fresh off their sold-out shows at Carnegie Hall and Town Hall Joey, Ben and the band will perform original songs as well as their irreverent takes on classics by Dylan, Cream, Klaus Nomi, Billie Holiday and more. Don’t miss this unique night of music, comedy and improvisation.
A fixture of downtown New York City nightlife since his start as a backup singer for David Bowie through his 2011 hit show Arias With a Twist, Joey Arias has been awing audiences with his distinctive brand of humor and wit, leading the New York Times to declare, “From one moment to the next, [Joey Arias] is as sweet and naive as a storybook shepherdess, as dirty-mouthed and -minded as a sailor on shore leave, as scatterbrained as Lucy Ricardo, as serene as a Tibetan monk or as no-nonsense as an old Broadway trouper.”