May 23, 2012


Bunny & Bianca...Wednesday Night’s "Hot Mess"!

It’s a time-testing, infallible formula - give a drag queen a mic and a stage, mix in a few flavored cosmos, add a dash of lip-syncable pop hits and you’ve got a night to remember. Living up to its motto, New York City - "The city that never sleeps." - must consistently provide a nightlife experience that exceeds expectations, and the newly minted XL Cabaret is quickly working to fill every night of the week with something to delight every palette.

Wednesday nights are no longer just for getting over the hump. That’s the night to get your "Hot Mess"on, courtesy of two of the biggest names in the mythological drag pantheon. Lady Bunny andBianca Del Rio are more than holding court with their weekly residency on the XL Cabaret stage - they’ve turned it into a comedy chemistry experiment unlike any variety show seen on the club circuit.

"Bunny and I are both from the south," begins Bianca Del Rio, "and this is kinda like what we knew [drag] to be." Certainly Lady Bunny has had a great influence on defining the drag culture. "Some people want to see a full-scale drag review," the multi-talented Bunny reveals. "There’s a wider variety to our show.

Bianca agrees. "It’s a lot of our sense of humor...Bunny and I just set things up to make things more entertaining." Even the high-flying comedian Pam Ann admittedly had to pop in to see the show for herself. "Bunny and Bianca are!" And that’s a complement.

"Hot Mess" features the city’s only full-on weekly drag revue.  

What a Mess!

You can expect a little of that old-school glamour and salacious scandal galore! What you’ve come to expect from the two drag legends. "Does that mean that we’re old?" Bunny interjects. means that "Hot Mess" is an outrageously good time, and lives up to its name. We’re not suggesting that the ladies are out of it, or mentally insane.

"We mostly wanted it to be fun," Bunny insists. "We don’t take ourselves very seriously." And you can’t fake the camaraderie between the evening’s two lead queens. "Bianca’s great," Bunny insists, "when she shows up on time." To which Bianca quips: "I lose track of time making your tent of a dress."

It’s all in good fun and Bunny and Bianca make excellent foils for each other’s punchlines. "I grew up knowing all about Bunny," Bianca says, very much in reverence of Lady Bunny’s fame and popularity. To which Bunny responds: "I want more!" Certainly being a part of the "RuPaul’s Drag U" franchise has opened doors. "To fast food restaurants at least," Bunny admits.

"Hot Mess" takes full advantage and features alumni from "RuPaul’s Drag Race."New York nightlife staple and Season 4 contestant Milan joins the girls, alongside her cast mate and competitor Jiggly Caliente. Not that the Logo Network franchise’s instant notoriety grants any of those rising drag names billing on the "Hot Mess" line-up. "They may be great on camera, but they may not be great performers," says Lady Bunny. "If you’re coming onto the stage you have to deliver!"

And every Wednesday night on the XL Cabaret stage "Hot Mess" delivers. Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio successfully translate their unique brand of calamity and comedy on the most sophisticated stage in the city. "The space at XL works well. It is a beautiful room," Bianca adds and Bunny agrees that it only enhances their weekly Wednesday night get together. "Life should be fun and lively," Bunny says...and at least a little messy.

"Hot Mess" starring Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio takes over the XL Cabaret stage every Wednesday night @ 9pm. XL is located 512 West 42nd Street, New York City. For tickets go to