May 29, 2012


This week, millions saw this dramatic photo of a gay man beaten by neo-Nazi extremists in Kiev, Ukraine.  It's shocking, but the anti-gay movement doesn't stop there.  As early as this week, Ukraine's legislature is expected to vote in favor of new laws that will make it illegal to be gay or lesbian in public.
President Viktor Yanukovych is the person with the power to stop the law in its tracks. He's been trying to forge a "special alliance" with the European Union for years and this Friday an EU delegation focusing on human rights will visit Ukraine to advance the alliance process.
40,000 Europeans have already signed on to tell Yanukovych to block this atrocious law. But that's just not enough - we need to double that number before the meeting on Friday.  If we don't push him to speak out now, an entire generation will be forced into the shadows.
Will you help us reach 100,000 signers around the world in the next two days? If we hit the goal, All Out will partner with our friends in Ukraine in a dramatic delivery that President Yanukovych cannot ignore:
We've seen this before. Just like in St Petersburg Russia, the bill Ukrainian politicians are pushing makes it a crime to write or speak anything considered "homosexual propaganda". Over 30,000 Europeans have already signed a petition letting Yanukovych know that if he wants to partner with their countries, he must block this atrocious law. If we join with those already taking action in Europe, we can make this the biggest global protest in Ukrainian history. 
In two weeks, Euro 2012 (Europe's football championship) is being hosted by Ukraine. Several large and influential countries have threatened to boycott if Ukraine doesn't clean up it's act on human rights. Yet, Yanukovych has stayed silent as anti-gay sentiment grows across Ukraine. If he doesn't speak out now, an entire generation will be forced into the shadows.
This hateful law is moving silently under the radar and is set to pass. With only two days before the EU delegation arrives and only another week until Euro 2012 kicks off, we can really turn up the heat on Yanukovych to denounce this law.
Yanukovych's legacy is at stake - let's make sure he knows it: