May 16, 2012


Why do you think people are so drawn to drag queens?
They’re larger than life and more than we could ever be. They push limits, they break boundaries, and in a strange way, they make us all feel sane and accepted and normal. They are brash, loud, brilliant, talented, unapologetically in your face and as memorable as we all wish we could be. They just are who they are. Isn't that cool?
How did you choose your subjects and the photographers involved in the book?
I started with the performers. The book is on drag, so we wanted to get as many top-level names as possible, and thanks to Larry Edwards, we did. He helped connect me with well-known performers like Frank Marino, Chad Michaels, Eddie Edwards and Mr. Kenneth Blake. From there, our book garnered the credibility to approach and attract other stars like Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Miss Coco Peru and even Jimmy James and drag legend Jim Bailey. Without Larry, this book wouldn't have reached its amazing result. The generosity of all involved is inspiring.