March 10, 2012


Suddenly everyone's outraged over Kony, a hitherto unknown Ugandan monster and his army of children and sex slaves. The video really touched a nerve with many and millions in donations have poured in to help stop Kony. How odd! We are so concerned about children in Uganda that we quickly mobilize to send millions, yet we continue to pay out the nose to bomb and kill innocents in Afghanistan. Here's an awful story about a religious girls' school which we bombed, injuring 11 girls. 9 Afghan kids herding sheep were killed by us in a similar US-led NATO strike recently. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Aren't they doing a great job bombing children? And please remember as US school, police, fire fighter and benefits are cut back home, that we are paying troops $1 million per soldier per year to kill children abroad. But they aren't from Uganda and they don't have an expensive video made about them like Kony did so we don't care about them. We pay to stop Kony from killing children yet we pay to kill Afghan children. Is something wrong with this picture? Can you even describe to me what our mission is in Afghanistan? I'll tell you one thing--bombing children's schools creates terrorists who will despise and attack us for generations. But hey, this story is from an Iranian news site. And they are so crazy over there that maybe we should just bomb them too. Oh wait! That's just what me may be planning.