January 10, 2012


In what was considered one of his more successful speeches, Mitt Romney claimed that while Obama took his inspiration from the capitals of Europe. But Mitt was inspired by the towns and cities across America? REALLY? Was it the the nationwide joblessness, foreclosures, de-funded schools, fire and police dpts, slashed state budgets or record number of working poor who hold down 3 jobs and still are on food stamps which inspired him? Or maybe it was Obama's "socialist" health care reform which turned Mitt off. It didn't bother the fool when he campaigned for insurance reform similar to Obama's when he was governor of Massachusetts. But now he sees that as "European" and awful--just imagine those disgusting Europeans having free health care. Why those evil bastards don't even raise your premiums or cancel your insurance when you get seriously ill as they do in the good ol' USA. I understand that Mitt's followers aren't too smart, but this statement makes no sense. If he wants to paint Obama as foreign--I'd rather see him ask for the birth certificate than this bark this hogwash.