January 03, 2012


1. It Gets Butter

Upset by American comedians mocking Norway's butter shortage, this androgynous young man has made a passionate, demented youtube video chastising the USA for it's insensitivity. I can't tell if his outrage serious or not, so he's Norway's very own Chris Crocker. Leave Norway's butter shortage alone! And in the vein of those animated Asian news stories made famous during the Tiger Woods scandal, one hilarious re-enactment youtube video shows animated Norwegian grannies, desperate to make their traditional Christmas Krumkakes, lashing out at each other with walkers and canes over the last tub of butter on a supermarket shelf. I guess I'm insensitive because I find this whole thing hysterical!

2.The Kim Kardashian Backlash

I'm really glad that Kim's marriage made people realize what a sham the whole Kardashian empire was. She's sexy -- I'll give her that. And she burst onto the scene with a sex tape. So porn would be a natural choice for a hot slut. I'm glad that we realized that what she and her sisters are selling -- all with voices like nails on chalkboard -- has nothing to do with entertainment. The real losers in this are the impressionable kids, many of whom change their last name to Kardashian on Facebook, and who grow up watching a greedy, scheming slut as the #1 star in the country and strive to be like her. But perhaps this backlash indicates that quality entertainment is making a comeback? That might be too optimistic, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. And if no-talent hoochies remain en vogue, I'm currently seeking work. Oh, wait-the whores have to be young and attractive.

3. Occupy Wall Street

We're finally waking up to the fact that neither political party represents the vast majority of us. Sure, the Democrats are far more concerned than Republicans about the poor, minorities, veterans, women's rights, the elderly and gays. But the nation watched in horror as Democrats offered up Social Security and Medicaid as a bargaining tool in the debt ceiling "crisis" -- when they didn't need to offer anything because the debt ceiling was going to be raised anyway. Too bad we woke up so late that our government is now inching its way towards detaining its enemies indefinitely without trials thanks to the NDAA! Will these "enemies" of the state soon include protesters? And will the gays who fought so hard to join the military openly be fighting against their own countrymen who dare to dissent in the very kind of protest that won not only the repeal of DADT, but all gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, and civil rights across the board?

4. Cenk Ugyur Back On TV

Cenk of The Young Turks quit "liberal" MSNBC when his boss demanded that he go easier on Obama. His new show on Current TV (also the new home of Keith Olbermann) is mandatory watching. Whenever I watch MSNBC, all the anchors do is bash the GOP candidates. Well, of course they deserve bashing and it is campaign season. But why aren't they letting Obama have it when he deserves it -- as he frequently does? Cenk made a fascinating point recently about how Obama had failed as a liberal or even as a democrat --except on gay issues. The reason? According to Cenk, repealing DADT was the one progressive move Obama could make without angering the banks and other big corporations which own him and the rest of our government. MSNBC is more liberal than CNN or Fox News, but it's owned by GE which payed roughly 7% of it's 35% corporate tax rate last year, thanks to loopholes. GE also profits from war, so don't expect to get the real story from a huge company which benefits from keeping the status quo intact. If you enjoy non-corporate news, The Youg Turks is must-see TV--take it from a tv!

5. William and Kate's Wedding

I could've cared less about the royal nuptials, but the event brought back plenty of CNN contributor Richard Quest. Anderson Cooper isn't the only closet case on the payroll! While I find Quest's style bombastic style extremely annoying, it's a testament to CNN's forgiving nature that they still use Quest after one of the most hilarious scandals of all time. Apprehended by police in Central Park, Quest offered the information "I've got some meth in my pocket" and on further examination he was found to have a rope knotted round his neck and testicles and a dildo in his boot. So while the fairy tale romance of a prince and princess did nothing for me, this fairy's tale/tail made me giggle every time I saw him on the news!