January 16, 2012


THIS SATURDAY I JOIN THE GRAND EMPRESS OF THE SOUTH, THE LADY CHABLIS, AT CLUB ONE IN SAVANNAH, GEORGIA! It's where she's reigned since stealing that movie Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil just playing herself!

I was interviewed by Savannahnow and somehow got onto this subject.

She may be dirty in her stage act, but the Lady Bunny is pure of heart.

“I’d love to lock up the Kardashians, Mob Wives, all of the Real Housewives and all of these other horrible reality stars who make women look like money-hungry, back-stabbing, weave-snatching harpies,” Bunny says.

“Last time I checked, real housewives cooked, did laundry and picked their kids up from school,” she says. “They didn’t bicker over cocktails at lunchtime with bad nose jobs.

“I may be dirty in my act in adult nightclub settings, but I have to agree with the Girl Scouts’ recent report that watching this reality garbage sets a very poor tone for young ladies,” Bunny adds. “And I know that Savannah is known for its well-turned-out young ladies with exquisite Southern manners. With the exception of Lady Chablis, of course!”

Bunny, who started life as Jon Ingle, will perform Jan. 21 in Savannah with Chablis at Club One.