September 01, 2011


Ever look in the mirror and realize that ten years have gone by in a flash?

Julie Atlas Muz and Thirsty Girl Productions present

Knock Knock. Who’s there?

9/11. 9/11 Who?

You said you’d never forget!

The 10th Anniversary Memorial

Political 3-Act Cabaret!



With all-star cast including: Breyer P'Orridge, Sweetie, Amanda Lepore, Stanley Love, Bunny Love, Bambi the Mermaid, Jelly Roll, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, National Theater of the United States of America, Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthaluja, 5 Crew Dynasty, Alien Comic, Sherry Vine, Rose Wood, Tigger!, Jennifer Miller, The Pixie Harlots, Murray Hill, World Famous *BOB*, Justin V. Bond, Sxip Shirey, Greg Walloch, Jessica Halem, Ken Ball, Pedro El Gigante Puerto Riqueno, plus DJ Camillicious & James Habacker! and set by Steven Hammel

The Highline Ballroom, NYC

Doors 7pm

Show times: 8:00, 9:11 & 11pm

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is the quintessential occasion to champion downtown New York artists in a political arena entitled Knock Knock, Who’s There? 9/11! 9/11 Who? You Said You’d Never Forget! Directly from the heart of Julie Atlas Muz this three act political cabaret is for the luminaries of NYC to come together and exercise our patriotic right of freedom of speech.

All proceeds goes to the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York, Widow’s and Children’s Fund.

Ten years ago we were all devastated by the tragedies that befell our city that caused such heartache and forever changed the nature of our personal relationship with our government and their sale of terror. Now it is our duty as artists to reflect the times. Julie Atlas Muz and Jen Gapay of Thirsty Girl Productions are creating an evening for New York City’s top performers to come together, remember, comfort, challenge and with our natural bad taste laugh together through nudity, poetry, dance, song, comedic commentary, drag illusion, sincerity, absurdity and all the talent that makes New York, New York.

Sunday, 9/11/11 Doors 7:00 pm

Set times: 8:00, 9:11 & 11pm

The Highline Ballroom

431 W 16th St New York, NY 10011

VIP tickets $40- a great seat

General Seating $20

All proceeds goes to the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York, Widow’s and Children’s Fund.

The evening is divided in to three, forty-five minute acts with each act becoming increasingly politically incorrect.

hosted by Murray Hill

Hosted by Justin V. Bond

ACT 3: “OH NO YOU DI-INT!” 11pm
Hosted by NYC's Big Titted Honky Soul Mama SWEETIE

Cutting, tender, emotional, smart and supremely edgy, this three hour extravaganza will inspire the audience to recharge and reconnect to why they decided to take a bite out of the Big Apple.