August 03, 2011


I laugh when I hear people describe the US as a christian country. Yeah, right. And queenie-ass Marcus Bachmann can teach you to pray your gay away. And rappers whose music focuses on murder and thank God at awards ceremonies have a clue. These fools don't even understand the very religion they profess to live their lives by. True Christians wouldn't be attacking a country like Iraq which never threatened us or sitting by silent for 10 years while their tax dollars funded the murder of innocent Iraqis. Remember THOU SHALT NOT KILL? Somehow today's Christians conveniently forget this commandment. How about Peace on earth good will towards men? DO our "christian" soldiers chant this before they gun down Iraqis with ammunition that we've bought for them?

Christians would never stand in the way of health care reform which made medicine and physicians' care more accessible to the less fortunate--remember that good ol' healing the sick that was one of Jesus's favorite things to do? Even though the GOP links themselves with "moral" issues like stopping abortion and gay marriage to attract idiotic fundamentalists, hawkish republican ideology which consistently places the wealthy over the needy is the furthest thing from christian values. That is--if God is still love and not war and we're still supposed to lend the poor a helping hand.

But I'm not a christian so no need to listen to me. Just listen to the several denominations of Alabama clergymen who've filed a suit against their state government's stinging new immigration policy. Under the new law, churches could not marry, baptize and or even offer food or counsel to those dirty immigrants. Sounds like Alabamans would have been legally required to turn Joseph and a pregnant Mary away. But I'll bet you anything that the Alabama officials behind this hateful law consider themselves to be good Christians. So good that the Episcopal, Methodist and Catholic churches are suing them! I am not a fan of organized religion and I often fault our clergy for not speaking out against clear violations of their own faith, so I applaud these religious leaders for speaking out against Alabama's assault on christian kindness.


"Seeks to prevent "irreparable harm" to the 338,000 members of the three churches in Alabama. It calls Alabama's new law "the nation's most merciless anti-immigration legislation."

"If enforced, Alabama's Anti-Immigration Law will make it a crime to follow God's command to be Good Samaritans," according to the lawsuit.

The law, if enforced, will place Alabama church members in the "untenable position of verifying individuals' immigration documentation" before being able to provide things such as food clothing, shelter and transportation to those in need, according to the lawsuit.

Among the lawsuit's other claims are that the new law violates:

- The First Amendment rights of its members.

- Rights of Alabama residents to freely assemble "and welcome all people to the altar."

- The ability of the churches to freely contract through the management of denominational thrift stores and church day cares and the performance of marriages, baptisms, and counseling services.