July 26, 2011


Just emailed Verizon this: "Verizon has provided my home phone service for 15 years. You will lose my business within 1 week unless you stop heavily funding the GOP which has been hijacked by tea party extremists who don't mind crashing the economy to ram through their agenda. I need for you to issue a public statement after you stop funding wreckless extremists or you'll never get another a dime from me."

Closing my Chase account next. If you use either of these or AT&T or Bank of America, I hope you'll consider doing the same.

Another great way to make sure that major Republican donors feel the pressure on this campaign is to spread the word to your friends and family so they know what's going on. Many of them may be AT&T, Verizon, Bank of America or J.P. Morgan Chase customers and they'll want to know where their money is going too. You can just forward the sample letter below.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The MoveOn.org Political Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Where do your bank and phone fees go?


Republicans are about to crash our economy unless they get their way, which means major cuts to programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But they won't agree to any cuts to tax breaks for the rich.

But Republicans need their big corporate donors behind them, and crashing our economy won't make those donors happy. You can remind them of that if you are a customer of one of the biggest Republican donors (like AT&T, Verizon, Bank of America or J.P. Morgan Chase).

You can join me by telling these companies that they could lose your business if they keep funding Republicans as they crash our economy.

Just click on the link below.