July 06, 2011


MSNBC reports that Obama has will now send condolences to soldiers who committed suicide. Chris Hayes also relayed this horrific statistic: more active troops have died in the last 2 years from suicide than in battle. I'm glad Obama is sending these letter but what on earth are we doing over there to cause mass suicide? Here's my guess: soldiers know that no matter how much we may mindlessly bleat SUPPORT THEE TROOPS, we no longer support these wars that we supposedly support them in. So they're risking their lives for an unknown cause. I also suspect that while we hear about every twist and turn in our policies in the region and every poorly funded, ill-equipped blunder, they live it. If you support the troops then you want to bring them home from an endless, unclear mission. We call Afghanistan the "forgotten war." In fact, Iraq is more forgotten and that's the war we never had a reason to enter in the first place butinexplicably we're still there. Do you think the troops don't know this?

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