July 27, 2011


It’s true. The Dean of Drag, the Queen Bee of Wigstock, and a Queer Icon for thirty years, the one and the only The Lady Bunny is heading to Seattle as part of her West Coast Tour, this Thursday, July 28 at Julia’s on Broadway. Tickets still available HERE! (Portland and Vancouver BC fans can check her out this weekend, too…she’s also headed your way.) The Lady Bunny has conquered film, television, and the stage not to mention the Internet…you should definitely check out her website and blog for her naughty videos (we’re including one of the filthiest ones below) and her very opinionated take on politics, queer culture and what’s up in the world. She’s one smart cookie with a long history of speaking her mind, when she’s not entertaining the sweaty masses at clubs and venues all over the country or delighting us on “RuPaul’s Drag U” currently airing on Logo.

We tried to set this interview up days ago, and it seemed it was NOT going to come to fruition but then yesterday I was walking through Safeway at 23rd & Madison and I got a phone call. It was an alien phone number with a funky ass area code and no name attached and frankly I feared it was the student loan hounds after me so I answered it with great trepidation. But, it wasn’t Fannie Mae…it was The Lady Bunny! Talking to me! In Safeway!

We had a very brief exchange (largely due to the fact that cell phone coverage inside that Safeway is WEAK!) and we made plans to hook up later, via the Intertubes. I zapped her some questions and she responded in the WEE hours of the morning…Girlfriend gets up EARLY! Check out the “T” on The Lady Bunny…she has some good dish!