May 17, 2011


Accused of raping a drunk girl, this cop offers "I don't kiss and tell" as testimony. Um, you do under oath for rape charges! And hy would you kiss in the first place when you're on the job? I love that an alleged rapist would use his honor as a defense--what a rotten idea. The girl, who somehow seems to have a better lawyer than the cop, has a secret recording of the cop admitting "It was only me" who raped her--not the partner with whom the he returned with 3 times to act as lookout. Well that's nice--you only got raped but only by one policeman, although it seems to be multiple rapes by him in one night. And Mata, the lookout, has a sketchy memory because he went to sleep in the girl's front room. How commendable! Our tax dollars at work! Or maybe Moreno had trouble cumming the first 3 times so he came back to finish the job. What a dedicated officer!

Moreno previously claimed that he was a former drunk who was concerned about his alleged victim so he sang Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer to comfort her. In other testimony, the fool admitted to faking a 911 call in a phony voice to have an excuse to return to the intoxicated girl's pad--because he was so concerned. She must have been really hot. Or maybe he has a vomit fetish and she was still puking up the alcohol? All of the details aren't out yet, but it seems like Moreno's screwy defense is Livin' On Prayer. It's really vile to learn that our protectors in the police force are not only out to get us but that they're this ignorant. I'm not a cop hater but there is an inherent problem with a law enforcement agency--it sometimes attracts bullies/rapists/corruption. But it really hints at how widespread this corruption is when not one but two cops are in on it. So was Moreno the lookout for his buddy when he hate rape night? The mind boggles.

There is surveillance video of them using her keys (simply having taken her keys is mighty suspicious which is why I guess the young Gap executive's lawyer added burglary charges) to enter her apartment 3 TIMES after her initial call to them to get her plastered butt out of a cab.

Saddest of all? He's sexy and I'm often drunk. Can't they just transfer him to the West Village after he gets out of jail? Ladies, I don't want to make light of the obviously very real specter of rape. But some of us gays are just sick enough to entertain rape fantasies! Can you imagine?