May 18, 2011


The craziest thing is that not even old people get wrinkles in this area! Those are called dimples! Or maybe the mom's referring to the fold when she smiles really big as she always does--that's called baby fat and it doesn't require a procedure to correct it. AND IF IT DID, THAT FUCKING PROCEDURE WOULD BE LIPOSUCTION!

If you thought the current trend of girls getting nose and boob jobs for their graduation presents was off, you'll adore this. What's in a name? Is there something about people named Britney that just makes me want to wretch?

This mom, who gets botox herself, administers it to her brat because of "tough" pageant competition. Don't know what a virgin wax is but I'm afraid to ask. Surely not waxing that brat's pubic hair! In all honesty, I recently dealt with some family issues but this tale forced me to count my lucky stars in the parents dpt. At least my family never forced me to have botox. But wait, at my age that might help! Am I extra-confused today or is it the allergies? One thing's for sure--the best way to enjoy a gorgeous day is to sit in front of computer screen and get NO exercise.

Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)