April 21, 2011


This is very sad--although the images are not as disturbing as they could be. I imagine the guy had mental issues, but don't you think a culture which rewards train wrecks like New York and Snooki encourages behavior like his? Along with the notion that everyone, even people with no connection to the entertainment business or talent whatsoever, can become stars like the no-talents we constantly see parading before us like the Kardashians.

It's tragic that people were egging him on to die online for their viewing pleasure. He died for a taste of fame and I guess he got it. And now the story of his demise is so popular that it's gotten 5 million hits and advertisers get a piece of the action. They actually want their breakfast cereal associated with a web suicide? What a demented society we live in! Kind of like the morons who sat and watched Anna Nicole Smith slurring every week on booze and prescription drugs and then acted all shocked when she overdosed. If this is a christian country, Jesus is rolling over in his grave.