April 05, 2011


"President Obama is one person." That's 1 defense of Obama by someone in his 1st campaign video. Stop giving him a free pass. He's not 1 person--he's the entire executive branch. And he's corrupt.

This is the most pitiful campaign ad ever. He doesn't want to even list his accomplishments because he wants to remain middle of the road. How could he have a campaign ad that ha s a guy saying "I don't always agree with him?" Because he has no platform other than winning. If I were to be extremely optimistic , I could imagine that he might be more liberal if re-elected. Let's see if he ignores the cuts to Medicaid the way he went against his campaign promises to walk with union labor.

I'll vote for him because I prefer him to any republican. But as Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out last night, how do people who supported him as an anti-war candidate now back him as the commander-in-chief of 3 wars?