February 19, 2011


Maybe it started with Amy's Rehab, but from Pink's Raise Your Glass to LMFAO's Shots, every other pop song mentions booze now. Ke$ha's whole shtick is Jack Daniels and every rap song gets paid for liquor product placement. From Trey Songz' Bottoms Up to Like A G6, this is reminding me of those 1950's movies when everyone had a shot glass. Am I imagining this trend or is recession driving us to drink?

Not to mention Jersey Shore, all of the Housewives franchise and other reality shows who are constantly guzzling. In fact, the producers offer the "actors" booze to enhance their performances--ie: since they aren't actors, the producers hope that the booze will make them more evil and thereby provide drama since they are too cheap to pay scriptwriters anymore.