February 25, 2011


Obese pig Limbaugh has the nerve to claim that Michelle is fat? I'm sorry, but Michelle looks in shape to me. But she does have a some bootay, which black women tend to have more of than white ones. Since Michelle is in shape but just a different shape, might this be yet another way of implying that a black person--like her muslim, Kenyan, socialist, communist, fascist husband--doesn't belong in the White House?

And who cares if Michelle may have eaten ribs or even put on a little weight? She's trying to say that we're too fat because of bad diets. Maybe the problem affects her a little too--it's how we are programmed. But there's nothing wrong with trying to stop it. But oooh! that's big government! Interfering with our diet. Maybe health insurance wouldn't be such a big deal if many of us--myself included--aren't eating ourselves sick with huge portions and processed food full of empty carbs.