October 24, 2010


ATTENTION LADIES! Sorry gays, I meant the real ones. Tomorrow night, Rachel Maddow narrates a documentary on the "religious" nuts who assassinated a doctor who dared to provide late term abortions. It's on MSNBC Monday night. I've seen from several sources that women are a real issue in the upcoming elections because e...ven though women tend to vote democrat, women's buttons haven't been pushed in the right way to engage them in the approaching mid-terms. And you know that it's all about the right way to push our "buttons", isn't it gals?

Perhaps a lot of women don't watch news outlets which have shown tea party candidates like Sharron Angle PROUDLY claiming that they are against ANY abortion--even in cases of rape and incest. This is a really extreme position which I can't imagine would resonate well with most women. So please help me spread the word about this documentary tomorrow night on MSNBC at 9PM EST. While I don't think that Sharron Angle would advocate killing doctors who perform abortions, the crazy bitch wants to bring back prohibition and is running in Nevada, home of Las Vegas. So who knows? And partly because of massive corporate donations, it's looks quite possible that she'll win. Do you want a voice that crazy making laws for the entire country?