August 09, 2010


Were you excited that Prop 8 was struck down? It will probably go to the Supreme Court now. So if we want gay marriage, the workings of the Supreme Court now take center stage. Obama has not appointed liberal judges with Sotomayor and Kagan. We needed REALLY liveral judges to counter the conservative Supreme COurt which passed the heinous Citizens United case.

I don't want to talk down to anyone, but in case you aren't aware of this diabolical ruling, the gist of it is that large corporations can now, for the first time in history, donate unlimited funds to a political candidate. It was this decision which allowed Target to donate to candidate Emmer, which has resulted in a boycott of Target as anti-gay.

Maybe you don't think the Target boycott is too important. Maybe you don't root for gay marriage above all other causes. But WHO could deny that too many politicians are bought and sold by lobbyists for corporations? This Citizens United ruling will allow them to buy and sell candidates without restrictions. Imagine a candidate paid for by Haliburton who wants to stay at war in the Middle East vs a candidate bought by insurance and big pharma who has paid their candidate to reverse insurance reform. Oil company candidates who poo poo the environment in order to greenlight more offshore drilling paving the way for more disasters like the one in the Gulf.

I'm going to protest this awful Citizens United ruling tomorrow. There are protests all over the country. If you'd like to join me or find one in your own area, I beg you to visit the link below and stand up against bought and paid for candidates. We've already got these, but this ruling will truly make elections a free-for-all for corporate interests. Not yours.

You can sign the petition and/or join a protest tomorrow by clicking on the link below. I hope you will do both and if you're in NYC, I'll see you there!