July 22, 2010


THIS SPECIAL COMMENT IS AMAZING. I'm not exactly a history buff so the initial Devil's Island stuff lost me, but give him a second to get to this insane Shirley Sherrod case. It really sums up how pitiful both parties, our media and even the NAACP are. How could the NAACP call for her to resign? The NAACP? We are living in backward times and I beg you to watch a man who wants to sift through the junk which masquerades as news. Yesterday, the cover story of the NY Post was a large pic of Lindsay Lohan in her prison garb. And how she looked pretty in orange. If that's important news to you when this country is literally upside down, then YOU are the problem with this country.

And I agree with David Corn: Obama is "spineless" for allowing her to be fired because he was scared that proven liar Glenn Beck as going run a "scandal" piece on a non-scandal. No true leader could be afraid of an ass like Glenn Beck.