April 29, 2010


I'm a fairly liberal democrat. I understand that some people are republican. I can't really understand why they are republican, but I'm sure they also question my beliefs. Don't get me wrong. I understand that we are all different and different upbringings and situations lead to different conclusions about politics. So while I would diasagree with republicans on most issues, there's nothing wrong with a healthy debate. There are people who cherish republican/conservative values. HOWEVER, the republican legislators are bogus and here is proof about how they don't even hold their own conservative values dear.

For days, republicans have sworn that they would filibuster THE DISCUSSION of Wall Street reform. Wall Street's crooked practices have had a huge part in our recession. How could any politician not want to solve the issue which created tons of foreclosures which forced people out of their homes? Far from solving the issue, republican politicians are so embedded with Wall Street special interests that they don't want to even discuss this? C'mon! It's absurd, but top republican legislators swore up and down that it was against their principles to discuss consumer protection from widespread shady investments. If they don't represent consumers, then they must represent banking interests which get rich by ripping us off.

But here's what's so crazy. Watch this clip. The republicans' commitment to filibuster based on their core principles vanished when faced with the threat of a televised overnight vote. The fact that it would be televised would show Americans. still smarting form being shafted by banks and Wall Street speculation, that republicans didn't even want to discuss this on camera and prove to viewers that they side with the very interests who have ripped us all off! If you are a republican, please explain to me how this can be ethical. To me it seems like the whole gang of repubs got caught out.