March 22, 2010


Just like we needed this warmer weather after a long, recession-riddled winter, we NEEDED this health care to pass just to assure us that we might be getting this country back on track. Is the bill great in terms of how far I'd like to see health care reform go? No way. But after two terms of Bush souring my outlook, I... am happy to finally take even a baby step in the right direction.

Does that mean that we can stop harassing our elected officials in both parties to place our needs before those of the lobbyists who regularly pay them off? Of course not. But hopefully this win for the democrats will embolden them to pursue more sweeping reforms like campaign finance.

The first female speaker of the House is widely credited with making this happen. A man of color in the White House will sign it into law. To me, it feels like a step towards enlightenment with a much-needed change of scenery. Republican Boehner claimed at the 11th hour that the bill's passage would lead to Armageddon, because his party was unable to play on our fears as successfully as they have been in the past. Since not one republican voted for the reform of an obviously broken insurance system, republicans will hopefully be revealed as what they are: good old boys (and girls) who want to obstruct this nation's progress.

I just signed this petition asking the Senate to keep the momentum going. Please check it out if you feel the same way.