March 15, 2010


Lady Bunny I 'opened" for Kelis at CLub 57 last night. I came out to the tune of her insane hit Milkshake and squirted the audience with enema bottles hidden in my boobs. And here's to let you know how truly considerate I am.

I USED SOY MILK! I mean, after a night of clubbing there are many foul odors from cigarettes to booze bre...ath to vomit and c#m and on a really good night, crack and even blood. I just didn't want the audience members to add sour milk to that rotten mix of smells the morning after. Or they might think they'd blacked out and screwed a pregnant woman again! Don't you just hate waking to that feeling?

Anyhoo, I liked Kelis's new dance hit Parallel lines. She is super-sweet and has a killer body!