February 08, 2010



I work with the cutie at Splash on Sundays and Rockit! at Amalia on Fridays. I've seen a whole lotta lot of meat dangling during my decades long career in night clubs (besides my gut) but Geronimo has an extra dose of star quality which sets the prerequisite muscled physique and handsome face apart-A MAGNETIC SMILE! I guess other dancers rely too heavily on that I-hear-porno-soundtrack-music-in-the-beackround-and imagine-smoke-machines-while-I-scowl approach. G is cheery, engaging and looks like he's having a blast. I find it very refreshing.

Now the enterprising hottie has launched a website with his dancing schedule, video reel (make sure you watch the adorable telemundo clip at the end) and even a line of Just G Style merchandise. Normally you think of strippers taking stuff off, but this guy has actually found a way to market arm and leg band money pouches to other erotic dancers!

LADY BUNNY: In a short time, your popularity as a go-go god has you gracing the covers of magazines and shaking your stuff almost every night of the week! To what do you attribute your sudden popularity?

GERONIMO: Probably my big feet--I mean my big smile!

LB: And you’re taking go-go dancing to a new level with your merchandise line. How did the doll come about?

G: DJ Lina, Amanda Lepore, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Menudo have a doll so I wanted one, too. But the doll really chose me--I really didn’t choose the doll. I think it’s a good likeness. And it’s perfect for guy and gals who want to “play with me.”

LB: And in a business where guys take it all off, your merch also includes go-go attire. Tell us about the practicality of the strap-on money pouch.

G: I thought of the money pouch one night when I got tired of telling people that it was all me and not singles down there.

LB: Jesus! I’ve never masturbated and snorted poppers during an interview before! And what inspired other parts of your signature look? Bandanas on the shoes, etc.

G: You know how us Dominicans do, baby. We all about the bandanas.

LB: And grammar, I see. Which item is selling best?

G: The Go-Go Doll. I think it’s either being used for spit ball practice or voodoo.

LB: Well, it is a perfect size for insertion. Um, so I’m told...How does a typical go-go hunk's day begin? You wake up, pull your cock out of my ass, vomit, I pay you, you leave and then what?

G: Then we wake up from the horrible nightmare to realize it's worse--we're at The Cock!

LB: I’m old and out of touch. Is the average tip still $1? And how far does that get you? A pat on the butt? A crotch fondle?

G: Yes, average is a $1 cause a quarter doesn’t come in a bill. And some cheapskates want a nut and a hard on for $1!

LB: Has anyone ever asked you for change back? Hell, yeah! A change of a dollar, from one asshole. That’s why I no longer speak to Shequida. How do you deal with obnoxious, fat, old, lecherous drunk men who just won’t leave you alone?

G: Well, Bunny. Usually I just move to the other bar and wait for you to pass out and then I feel safe.

LB: I called you earlier and you said in a husky whisper “I’m on set.” Could that possibly mean a porno set so that we’ll get to see what is dangling provocatively in your briefs in action one day?

G: No, set meaning a commercial for one of many NYC tv shows. I’m an actor by day. I've just been acting in the role of a go-go dancer for the past 2 years.

LB: For those who might fancy their chances of hooking up after you clock out, what is your sexual orientation?

G: Sorry, fellas--I’m into the ladies. I’m not gay for pay, confused, curious, and will never be influenced by alcohol since I don’t drink.

LB: (Note to self: bring date rape drugs for Geronio’s water bottle.) I saw you making out with a girl one night at Rockit, but I imagined that you were probably trying to impress me to improve your chances. But I also noticed that you have a killer smile—are straight guys as addicted to bleaching their teeth as gay guys are? Or did you feel pressured to bleach your teeth when you entered the gay circuit?

G: These chiclets have never been bleached.

LB: Amazing! And another reason to hate you. But just so you know, after your doll has been up my ass for a few hours, the teeth on it do become somewhat stained. Anyhoo, are there any memorable events you’ve danced for that stick out as particularly fun?

G: Hell, yeah! Boy Box at G Lounge and Peter R. Work parties. Hiro is always rockin’ and don’t forget Providence/Club 57 on Saturday nights. Josh Woods parties with Marco Ovando, Splash with its fun poles, The Monster with its cool stage and the Fire Island parties which we all love. Shit! I might just be gay.

LB: Here’s hoping!

Check out Geronimo’s sizzling pics, appearance schedule and merchandise at JUSTGSTYLE.COM.