November 27, 2009


I guess I'm going to have to rethink my notion that, the nation's premiere liberal blog, would be more likely to attract more savvy readers. Or maybe they just know more about politics than they do sex changes.


Huffpo posted the video below of a 6' 8" model and the readers' comments are things like "It can't be a man without an adam's apple" or "she couldn't hide a cock in those skimpy panties." Or simply "Worth the climb."

Um, a post-operative sex change is one who has the chop. Which would mean that she wouldn't have a dick to protrude from her skanties. Duh! And while this is not as well known, there is a surgical procedure which reduces the size of the adam's apple. What everyone with eyes should know is that most men these days do NOT have visible adam's apples. My theory is that they've evolved away since I recall seeing many more of these on men in my youth.

To my eyes, Eve is clearly a male-to-female transsexual. How can I tell?

1. Look at the shoulders and the hands, and brow ridge. While she is quite pretty, she never had her brow bone shaved, often a tell-tale clue for the TS. While estrogen can soften the facial features considerably, a lot of trannies get their brow and jawbones shaved because female hormones can only do so much.

2. Her shoulders are also a good bit broader than her hips and butt. While this isn't altogether uncommon for women, genetic females tend to have narrower shoulders with more delicate bones in them and wider hips.

3. But the dead giveaway is how long her arms are with large hands on the end which are screaming "I used to be a limp-wristed gay man!" I know that the politically correct TS community might prefer that I not use gay stereotypes to refer to someone who they might classify as female inside, but before they raise your hands in protest, make sure they ain't a whirlin' like a faggot's!

4. Eve is a bit barrel-chested--ie she has a large rib cage more common in men than women. In one angle, the top of her ribs seem to almost stick out further than her boobs. And while women nowadays don't always have the waists they did when girdles trained them down to ridiculously small sizes, this model has a fairly wide abdomen with almost no indentation of the waist going into the hips. Her waist would appear smaller if she had larger, more feminine hips and ass.

I've got nothing against her but my eye is simply tuned to "clocking" a change and obviously, others could use some tips to help them spook them on their own. I'm not infallible, and those asian TS's are especially hard to be sure about since they are so petite and naturally hairless. And some of the steroid-using female body-builders have confounded me too since enough testosterone creates a more pronounced, Neanderthal-looking brow ridge and they've literally blurred the lines with male hormones.

What I think is interesting is that a link to her MYSPACE page spells out her Amazon sexual fantasy. Her occupation is listed as "playmate" so if you live near Redondo Beach you can get more info from the lovely lady herself. She's very creative and must have quite the custom-made XXXL wardrobe for all of these scenes! She's one of the few gals on earth I could probably lend clothing too if I'm not bigger (around).

6'8" Super Tall, Leggy Red-Head, Powerful Amazon
'Respecting me is essential to your self esteem!"

"I am interested in taking your male privilege and shrinking it down to size. ...You will not see me as the weaker sex but a carefully sculptured statuesque Amazon Conqueror."

Exactly what I demand and your pleasure to deliver!

Given the basic dynamic - between a powerful Female and a male who is not quite her equal - the AMAZON fantasy can work itself out in a thousand different ways.
I've included a long list of suggestions but you may be able to come up a unique twist. The setting, props & especially costumes will depend on the fantasy role chosen.

A secretary turning the tables on her evil boss (as in the movie "Nine to Five").
A Female pirate terrorizing the captain of a ship she has seized.
A pagan Ruler evaluating a prisoner of war's potential as a sexual plaything.
Catherine the Great of Russia in all her infamy.
A cowgirl roping an obnoxious male colleague and taking him down a peg.
An Indian Princess taking revenge on an exploitive white settler.
A Female Revolutionary tormenting her male hostage (naturally, he's a spoiled member of the corrupt ruling party).
A Nurse handling an obstreperous patient.
A Warrior Queen grilling a captive spy.
A Space Alien testing human male sexual responses.
A Courtesan (in any time period from Ancient Greece to today) teaching an inconsiderate lover the proper way to treat Females.