October 11, 2009


FROM FOX NEWS: 10/5/2009 10:01 p.m.

Police say a valley man stole a San Francisco doctor's identity and posed as a fertility doctor, presumably for his own sexual gratification.

Authorities say 40-year-old Jeffrey Graybill presented himself as Dr. Richardson, but he had no medical affiliation. The man is accused of posting ads on Craigslist, offering men thousands of dollars to donate sperm samples.

He allegedly promised young men up to $4,000 a month, with headlines such as "Donate sperm to pay rent." Another claimed the donation would go to stem cell and other research.

The ads would say the sperm bank is in need of Caucasian and Latino men ages 18 to 15. A list of frequently asked questions was also posted. Sometimes the "patients" would go to the suspect's house -- sometimes the suspect would go to the victim's homes.

Documents allege Graybill would conduct a physical on the victims, which included touching young men's genitals. He also had them provide a semen sample.

Several victims in the Los Angeles filed a police report after they didn't receive payment. They went looking for him -- but investigators found that Graybill moved to an apartment in Phoenix in July of 2009. Now, they think Graybill may have pulled the same scheme here.

Authorities arrested Graybill on Sept. 17, seizing a number of cellphones, laptops, and a medical bag from his new home in Phoenix.

Los Angeles Police believe there are at least 24 victims out of California -- any possible victims in Arizona have yet to come forward.

Graybill is currently being held in Los Angeles on sexual battery by fraud and identity theft charges.