October 01, 2009


I travel once a year to Provincetown and have seen a variety of street performers. But when I caught Ellie's act, I was moved to tears. It was that bad! KIDDING! Actually, I'm not a fan of standards because they are by definiton, standard and kinda worn out. But to see a 78 year-old former married Baptist minister who realized that he was a she in it's 70's to become a transgendered busker blew my mind. The courage! Sporting a daring ensemble with a bare mid-driff, Ellie joked that she was trying to make-up for lost years by dressing like a tween girl. I tipped her and read the xeroxed card of her life story with her contact info. I then wrote her one of the only two fan letters I've ever written in my life--the other was to Erin Moran of Happy Days! I know it's easy to read her, but knowing her back story, I think that hers is a real triumph of the human spirit.Plus, I this is one standard tune that I actually like with pretty chords. And the video's by my pal Tom Yaz.