August 22, 2009



What is MANgina?

.....and what is a Mangina Man?

Hi! I'm Joe Mangina, your webmaster here at The Mangina Man dot com website and your fearless leader of the Worldwide Mangina Man Movement. This website is here to show the world there is a new breed of gay male on the scene. We are The Mangina Men!

Legally speaking, "Mangina" is the term used for the surgical result where a man's penis is fully surgically inverted (turned outside-in, like the finger of a glove turned inward) to create an all new male fuckhole. Viola! The Mangina is born! Contrary to a common misconception, the penis is not cut off or thrown away. It is not "removed", but simply "moved" inside for a different kind of cock2cock experience. Picture it this way: My whole cock is inside me hard as a rock and your hard cock enters and fucks my cockcunt, so, what you are actually doing is jacking off my cock with your cock! It's not pussy, cunt or vagina--that's the fantasy,not the reality! The reality is I'm just a guy with a cock you can fuck with your cock!

It's a great alternative for gay male bottoms who never use their cock for penetration and don't particularly like getting head. You keep your penis and it is surgically placed inside you for continued and even heightened penile sexual enjoyment. Anybody who asks, "Dude, why did you cut your dick off" is simply ignorant of what has been done in this type of surgical modification to the penis. In no way is your dick cut off. It's just a different kind of cock.

While gay men have used the term "Mangina" for centuries to refer to their ass, it is the descriptive term for this specialized surgical procedure for men.

This surgery provides a male with a fully orgasmic deep, hot, fuckhole that is tighter than ass as while fucking with another guy the Mangina grips his cock from head to base. A totally different feel than ass or a female's vagina. The surgical result looks and functions very much like the female vagina, but DO NOT BE CONFUSED! This is MAN-GINA made from inverted cock and tastes and smells like cock and balls---not Tuna!



BUNNY NOTE: Here is one litle problem. As honest post-op transsexuals will tell ya, when you remove the testicals, you remove the desire for sex. So be careful what you wish for. Also, I've only recently found out that post-op transsexuals have to dilate their new vaginas with dildoes or they will heal up like a once-pierced ear without an earring! Imagine having to regularly shove a dildo up your pussy or mangina with a yawn--and no sexual pleasure!


Blogger Steamy Vicks said...

How interesting that his photos (on his site) definitely show a post-op FTM transsexual. Note the scarring under the pecs - covered by strategically placed tattoos, text box and harness strap in other shots. The lack of adams apple and face is another giveaway.

Inverted penis indeed - please - stop the denial.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Urno Talbot said...

I agree, that was a woman, no way a guy would not only cut off his cock but his balls too if not to be a trannie. I didnt see any scars either where the ballinas supposedly were. that's some weird shit, Buck Angel at least is honest about the deal.

1:36 PM  

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