August 18, 2009


Your 10th annual "farewell tour" is ending soon, your daughter wants to be a man and your much younger rough trade boyfriend du jour has stopped calling -- what's a diva to do? SHOOT A SITCOM, OF COURSE!

Join superstar Cher and her little girl -- who grew up to be a big man -- as they romp their way through a laugh track-enhanced series of wacky situations and kooky misunderstandings! Not since "The Odd Couple" or "The Patty Duke Show" have two seemingly polar opposites made audiences shake their heads in confusion and disbelief! If only Cher's diminutive ex, Chaz's daddy Sonny, were around to help them figure it all out, right? Well, just wait for Part Two and prepare to be underwhelmed by special effects that would put a 35 year-old episode of "Bewitched" to shame!

Executive produced by legendary funny lady ROSEANNE BARR, "Cher & Chaz!" is just the first in an exciting series of pop culture parodies starring world-famous drag superstar JACKIE BEAT and actress/comedians NADYA GINSBURG & SELENE LUNA. The tongue-in-cheek trio was last seen in director Lawrence Elbert's corn syrup commercial spoofs and he returns once again to guide the shameless shennanigans! Tune in every week for a new video! And yes, Roseanne will be making an appearance!