June 09, 2009


To summarize, the Supreme court has refused to hear the case of a Captain James Pietrangelo, who's been fired from the military for being gay. Obama promised to revoke Don't Ask, Don't Tell and this is a slap in the face to a community who vigorously supported him. And it's plainly a broken campaign promise. Frankly, I wish that the wars would end and it's more distressing that the generals projected a longer than anticipated stay in Iraq. I didn't hear any objections from the Obama camp. This is a war which a few months ago almost 80% of the country no longer supported and now we're extending it? I just saw the film W, and at one point, while debating whether or not to attack Iraq in a boardroom, the major players in the Bush inner circle realize that they can't resist safeguarding our addiction to oil by occupying the oil-rich Iraq. Perhaps Obama, now in office and privy to the real ways of the world, has now been forced to realize by the powers that be, that leaving oil-rich Iraq is impossible.

I wish this war would end. Obama also campaigned on ending it. I also wish gays didn't want to fight in this illegal war, but if they do, it's clearly their right to do so and to ask that Obama honor his campaign promises. Rachel is right, he's been no "fierce advocate" on gay causes. I can't get inside the head of someone who wants to willingly join a war of which the perpetrators may be prosecuted for, but I would imagine that it's especially irritating that in order to meet their recruitment quotas, the military has relaxed recruitment standards to include criminals and the mentally slow. Recruitment officers have also been caught helping applicants cheat on SAT and drug tests. That puts gays at the bottom of a pretty low heap. Actually, it doesn't even allow them into that heap, even at the bottom. And some of the gays who've been bounced are linguists who are fluent in arabic, of which we've always had a dire shortage. Way to go! We're America! We're #1 communicate with guns, not words!


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