June 02, 2009


Several months ago, I was asked by Austen Hoogen, a young director from Seattle to participate in a documentary on ageisn within the gay community. The director and I hit it off on the phone so I agreed to shoot it when he came to Manhattan. Of course, not being that old, I immediately began my extensive research by contacting Lypsinka, Linda Simpson, Tabboo! and RuPaul to try suss out their experiences as gay fossils was truly like. KIDDING!

Actually, Austen shot me from underneath my 2nd chin so I look like Bruce Vilanch's mom! But my vanity aside, I was fascinated by the finished product. The main point that I wanted to get across was that the ageism in the gay community is just a part of the larger problem the lookism, which frowns on anyone outside of the image we see plastered on every gay magazine cover of a young, white, buff male. Not only is old unacceptable, but bald, fat, poorly hung, hirsute and effeminate are all taboo. I didn't see the final edit, so I don't know everything which made it into this version.

But one of the saddest revelations in the documentary is a guy who points out a tragic trend among gay men to party hardy* and engage in unsafe sex because after all, what's the point in living past a youthful age into the realm of trolldom and the inevitable difficulty in getting laid that accompanies it? Quite a frightful notion.

Facing A New Age Short Films (USA, 2008, 32 mins) Directed By: Austen Hoogen

SUMMARY: Gay men explore the horrors of aging. Includes Lady Bunny, Larry Kramer, and columnist Dan Savage.


*Since I've heard it said more than I've seen it written, I googled the correct spelling of party hardy vs. party hearty and found this illuminating article: ALTHOUSE.BLOGSPOT.COM