May 04, 2009


This IS a fucking crusade!


Soldiers In Afghanistan Given Bibles, Told To "Hunt People For Jesus" by Ryan Grim

A U.S. church raised money to send Bibles, printed in the Pashtu and Dari languages, to American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, a report on Al Jazeera documented Sunday night.

It is against military rules to proselytize -- a regulation one of the soldiers filmed by the network readily acknowledged. "You cannot proselytize, but you can give gifts," says the soldier. It is a crime in Afghanistan to attempt to convert anyone from Islam to any other religion. "I also want to praise God because my church collected some money to get Bibles for Afghanistan. They came and sent the money out." The footage is said to be roughly a year old.

The Al Jazeera report also shows a military preacher urging army parishioners to "hunt people for Jesus."

"The Special Forces guys, they hunt men. Basically, we do the same things as Christians. We hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down. Get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them into the Kingdom. That's what we do, that's our business," he says.



Anonymous Gordon said...

I can't stand people of ANY religion who try to force their beliefs onto other people. The same goes for politics.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This month's cover story of Harper's magazine is all about how Christian fundamentalists have been on a mission to take control of the armed forces. Very Dr. Strangelove creepy. Sometimes I think it's these people who are the real terrorists.

1:52 AM  

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