May 07, 2009



I, Daughter of Kong

Exhibition Open:
Saturday, May 2 to Sunday, May 10;
12 noon–7pm
Artists Reception:
Friday, May 8, 6–9pm; performances: 7:30pm
Myth is a crucial element in the evolution of the human psyche and indicates a distinction between humans and other primates. Lara Allen is assembling an exhibition based on a contemporary myth, the previously unknown existence of the love-child of King Kong and Fay Wray, a being born part starlet and part gorilla... I, Daughter of Kong.

The exhibition includes work from the I, Daughter of Kong collective, an ongoing group of collaborators who address the scientific and societal impact of a being whose existence inevitably calls into question our assumptions about human and animal rights, feminist theory, sociology, the history of media, the dissemination of images and the very nature of nature.

I, Daughter of Kong lends itself to an exploration of the subconscious. Eugene Marais, author of My Friends the Baboons, stated in his critique of Freud, “No man can ever attain to anywhere near a true conception of the subconscious in man who does not know the primates under natural conditions.”

I, Daughter of Kong is informed by both real and imaginary science. In 2006, Harvard geneticist David Reich purported evidence of a common ancestor, the product of sexual relations between humans and apes. A narrow yet deep gap exists between humans and other primates. Investigating this gap with both fact and invention we allow connections that our conscious selves would otherwise be wholly incapable of articulating. Join us as we collectively struggle to reconcile the social, political and artistic implications of a mythical beast born directly from our cultural heritage.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Adam J. Ansell, Anna Betbeze, Matt Borruso, R. Crumb, Georganne Deen, Per Frykdahl, Amy Hicks, Alexis Karl, George Kuchar, Matthew Lusk, Kyp Malone, Jason Mercier, Cynthia Mitchell, Baker Overstreet, Pablo the Chimp (courtesy of Darby Bannard), Duke Riley, Suzanne Rogaleski, Christine Shields, Anjali Sundaram & Jade Townsend. Soundtrack by Craig Ventresco.

Performances by Lone Wolf (Ryan Sawyer) & Cub (Suzanne Rogaleski), and Lara Allen.



Thursday, May 14, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: 32A Cooper Square New York, NY

A carefully curated selection of Bobby Grossman’s seminal photos from
the mid seventies through the mid eighties. Grossman had the privelage
to witness the late Factory and disco days as they melted into the new
wave punk explosion, and these photos tell the story ;
From Fred Hughes, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol to William
Burroughs,Deborah Harry, Jean Michel Basquiat , Glenn O’Brien’s TV
Party and everything in between. He was ‘Bobby on the spot’. Come
witness the moment at a reception/ party at MINA the hip new gallery
where fashion and art unabashedly meet.