April 20, 2009



Does this ad for Lance brand snacks seem a little odd to anyone else? I mean, not only is lance a synonym for rod/penis, but the crackers appear to be shoved up the kid's butt even though they are actually in his back pocket, but at a weird angle. And I am so far removed from youthful enthusiasm that I am mistaking his facial expression for one of the terror/pain of taking a big one without lube? Who carries snacks hanging out of their back pockets anyway? Seems very odd to me but I guess on some level the ad is a success cuz I'm blabbing about it now. My mom always kept those vile Lance peanut butter or "cheese" crackers in her purse at all points. Until I was forced to murder her.

And while we're on the subject of pedophilia and advertising, Air America host Ron Cooby made an interesting point today. American Apparel took a screen shot from a Woody Allen film and used in in an ad campaign. Woody's lawyer sent them a cease and desist and they did, about a year ago. Now Woody is suing American Apparel for defamation of character, claiming that his good name was damaged by the illegal association with American Apparel. Ron argued Woody, you married your daughter! Any association would be a good one because you couldn't sink any lower.

And just to end on a cheerier note, how about this Underoos commercial?

And one for the ladies!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not everybody puts week old twinkies in their bra cups like you. Bun. I've had Lance in my back pocket lots o' times.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

You do not seriously put crackers in your pocket! What happens when you sit down and crunch them?

9:55 PM  

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