March 22, 2009


DLISTED.COM obtained several photos of the bizarrely wigged first lady of Cameroon, who made a public appearance to lick the pope's ass on his recent junket to Africa. Believe it or not, Africa has the largest-growing population of Catholics in the world--I guess the rest of the world has wised up to their bullshit.

During his visit, the pope decreed that condoms do not prevent HIV transmission, in fact they "aggravate" it. Sort of flying in the face of science, which attributes an %80 reduction inH IV infection rates when condoms are used--this includes condom breakage, misapplication, etc.

HOW CAN ANYONE BE A GAY CATHOLIC? The pope isn't some wacky fringe element of your religion like a Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, he is the number one leader of your religion, next to god. And in his disapproval of contraception, he'd rather lie about condoms ineffectiveness and possibly lead you to a fatal disease if you believe his crap. How's he gonna get your $ if you're dead from AIDS as per his teachings? You know, I hear these pitiful pronouncements from pitifully dressed religious authorities and I think a pretty good way to judge them is based on their wardrobe. From the pope to KKK members to muslim leaders, the more ludicrous their outfits are, the more ludicrous they're preaching is. But then of course, I suppose I'm not known for my sedate wardrobe so perhaps you should ignore me as well.

Anyway, here are more pics from DLISTED.COM of Cameroon's wigged-out first lady licking papal ass. There's also a funny article about an out-of-work Lindsay "Blohan".



Blogger Unknown said...

OMG! I was so enamored with Chantal Biya's wig and look, that I had to get a collection of her photos from various sources on the web and email them to my friends. I love the hair and the wig, she's just too much. When I saw her behind the Pope, I thought she was a drag queen, of course. Besides her striking appearance, it appears that she's not looked upon so favorably by you, Bunny. I guess I need to know more about her and investigate her positions.

8:31 AM  
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