February 27, 2009



My dear old friend Tobie Giddio was one of the genetic females who was drawn to the Pyramid Club in the 80's. As the roommate of Billy Beyond, she hardly had a choice. I knew her as a party pal in my wildest days, and never saw the black and white fashion illustrations in ads for Bergdorf Goodman which ran each week in the New York Times cuz I didn't read it. Since then, her stunning images have been sold in Jonathon Adler stores. For a full interview by Walter Cessna on Tobie and oodles of her gorgeous illustrations/paintings, check her out on: DIANEPERNET.TYPEPAD.

Here's a stunning teaser:


Blogger Unknown said...

Tammie Brown from RuPaul's Drag Race gave you a shout out on her True Confessional.


It's around 11:30.

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