December 21, 2008


Aussie drag sensation Courtney Act has landed a deal to promote Sheer Cover mineral make-up, which Leeza Gibbons hawks on infomercials in the states. Requiring a rather heavy grease-paint foundation myself, the idea of any sheer, powdery foundation is ludicrous for most drag performers. And Leeza is painted out of her mind with a variety of foundations in her own ads for this product. But this "miracle" make-up isn't primarily marketed to drag queens with beards and other flaws to hide, and Courtney assures me that she was shocked by the product's effectiveness. I met Courtney briefly while dj'ing for an OUT magazine's OUT 100 party in NYC, and the pretty young thing has lovely skin which definitely doesn't require a thick mask of maquillage. She was being honored for being voted a finalist in AUSTRALIAN IDOL and snapping up a record deal with BMG. As far as Sheer Cover, you check out Courtney Act's pitch and see if it would work for you.

COURTNEY--I never understood the name until her Wikipedia entry informed me that it was a play, with an Aussie accent, on "caught in the act"--HAS ALSO SNAGGED THIS FUN COMMERCIAL FOR A WIG LINE.

HELLO! I'm available for endorsement deals--but I guess drug dealers can't really have ads, can they? Weight loss products? Gerbil food, perhaps? Dildoes? There's gotta be something!