October 02, 2008


I've just heard it reported that Sarah Palin has fallen while jogging on McCain's ranch, where she was attending debate boot camp in preparation for tonight. She will appear in a hand bandage! Hmm. I wonder if it will be big enough to hide a hearing aid to feed her answers whenever she puts her hand to her face or hair! Like that odd, unexplained box that appeared underneath the back of W's suit jacket during his debate with Kerry? Or maybe they'll blame a dismal performance on pain-killers she had to take, because she would never dream of cancelling. The way McCain cancelled his debate to rush to Washington to "rescue the economy" though he'd already taken out an ad declaring himself the winner?

Or maybe she'll get really psycho and start speaking in tongues like the freaks in her church do. Maybe that will teach the idiots in this country to separate church and state once and for all. Or maybe I'll start speaking in tongues as i combust from her lunacy. Whatever. This is the most highly anticipated television moment since ROOTS.


Blogger Haphogisma said...

Ooooooooooh Shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch. . .

At least Sarah can run, unlike your fat ass. . .

Do you even think before you post?

Combust from her lunacy?. .

You ignited when your dumb ass flopped out of your mothers vagina, ya flame . . . lol

Stick to postin' mediocre shit that degrades yourself and every other homosexual on the planet. At least that's mildly entertaining.

My "GOD" you're an embarrassment . . .

9:10 PM  

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