October 13, 2008


Before you say "Oh no, not another stupid poll", remember that if elected she is one heartless heartbeat away from being president. Also bear in mind that McCain is the oldest presidential candidate ever and has survived at least 4 bouts with cancer--AND HE WILL NOT RELEASE HIS HEALTH RECORDS! I put nothing past these right-wingers. After a Republican journalist wrote that she felt Palin was unqualified for the job, she says she received the most vicious, threatening hate mail of her entire career! And she's Republican! Is it too farfetched that these same freaks, speaking in tongues and worked up by witch doctors like Palin's own Pastor Muthee, might not assassinate McCain so that their girl can ascend into office and hasten the End of Days?

PBS has an online poll posted asking if Sarah Palin is
qualified. The buzz is that her supporters knew about this
in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes.

The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up by
mainstream media. It might influence undecided voters
in swing states.

Please do two things -- takes 20 seconds.

1) Click on link and vote yourself.

Here's the link: l PBS

2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter
you know, and urge them to vote and pass it on.

The last thing we need is PBS saying that their viewers
think Sarah Palin is qualified.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting us, Bunny. To others, please vote. Currently, it's split evenly between Yes and No.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting us as to how much you know about the candidates. Factcheck.org is a good website to visit for a relatively balanced approach to the candidates and the issues they present. (I will admit it does lean slightly more to the left, but its pretty much centerline.)

8:57 PM  

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