September 26, 2008


And drag star Sweetie is playing one of the house mothers. Here's the press release from the playwright about the special red carpet night, though it runs for a while if you can't attend the gala opening.

To the fairest houses of them all:

My name is Tarell Alvin McCraney. I'm a 27 year-old playwright from Miami, FL. From my experiences in and around the drag house scene I created a play that explores that world in the live theater space. The cast is 11 strong and it's being directed by incredible artist Tina Landau at the Vineyard Theatre at 108 E. 15th St. Though fun and exciting, it's fierce to chop kidz for acting the fool and praising them for coming correct in our rehearsals, still we know that this show is well, just rehearsal without an audience and the audience we most surely want to engage, entertain and be enlightened with are those legends stars statements and newcomers whom inspire all the magic that happens on our stage...YOU!

Now, this is top secret so tell EVERYBODY, on October 1st, to honor the Houses and all who have inspired WIG OUT!, the Vineyard Theatre has designed a late night showing of WIG OUT! for the ball children called The Stunt and Show. Though new to this, the Vineyard is trying to pull it by beginning a red carpet Grand March into the theater at 8 PM open to all houses attending and complete with photo ops. The play begins at 9 PM SHARP! This is a one night exclusive event. Seating is limited to 120. Late seating is chopped so you HAVE to be there for the march in.

We have set up a myspace page: (WIGOUT) and a Facebook page that will alert you to info on the special event. We certainly hope you will join us and if you have any questions comments or just shouts you want heard please feel free to respond on our Myspace or Facebook pages. Hope to see you soon!

Respectfully yours,

Tarell Alvin McCraney

WIG OUT! A play for the Kidz

Vineyard Theatre, 108 E.15th St. (at Irving Place)
October 1st: Special Event- The Stunt and ShowTicket for Special Event Only: $25
For tickets go to:


When purchasing tickets use code FIERCE25 or call 212-353-0303 and mention the code.

Grand March at 8PM Show starts at 9PM SHARP!