September 23, 2008


Lady Esther Gyn sent something pro-Obama to her mom from my blog. She, in turn, forwarded it to a co-worker who is republican. Even though I doubt if many of my blog-readers feel this way or possibly are even aware that someone who could hold down a job could feel this way, here's what the co-worker wrote back to Lady Esther Gyn's mom:

Please do not send me anything that pertains to Obama. He’s anti-american – he hates America. He’s Muslim. His campaign funds are from Saudi Arabia.

He attended at church for 20 years with the preacher stating God bless America? I say God damn America! And that Jews are satan. When the public found out about this pastor he had him fired. And Rev. Wright said (the pastor) do not believe anything Obama says because he’s only saying what you want to hear. They were best of friends for 20 years and many of his close friends are either terrorists or crime lords. DO RESEARCH!!!! He’s doing what Hitler did mass hypnosis. OBAMA WON’T EVEN SAY THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGENCE!!! So, please so not send me anything pertaining to Obama! Open you eyes! You’re blind and foolish. I’ve done my research.

Christ, the bitch can't even spell! "Open you eyes"? "ALLEGENCE"? But this is America, and if you were hesitating a little bit before forwarding that political email, signing that petition or making that Obama contribution, this is the type of dunce that we are up against. And I for one, will truly hate myself if I haven't done everything in my power to help Obama win.


Blogger David Dust said...

AMEN! As bloggers, we all have a responsibility to get the word out.

Keep up the good work!


David Dust

12:27 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

let's not be too hasty and throw the co-worker out with the bathwater, she is right about crazy baby jew preachers

6:00 PM  
Blogger yiristos said...

The Bunny is always FAB, the Bunny is always right. I'm not American but I realise the importance of this election - to America and the rest of the world - and that kind of lunacy is truly frightening. PS... Thanks for the fun and enlightenment!xx

2:06 AM  
Blogger Tim Hurley said...

Don't worry, I fired Mom your letter from Heart, and she got in bigtime trouble for passin it around, (I shouldda read that first because it may have had the wrod cunt in it). Speaking of, Sarah Moose burger must go! Support my Mom on MYSPACE (Pamela).

5:09 AM  

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