September 15, 2008


I was thinking the same thing but didn't get around to writing about it. It does seem like there are fewer celebrity endorsments this election. I mean, if you haven't "made it big" you can't really afford to buck the establishment since big entertainment companies and endorsments from even bigger companies are what you are striving for. But where are the mega-stars and why don't many of them seem to have an opinion? Or is the press just not reporting on it. I will praise Matt Damon for recently saying that Palin was a scary pick for VP.

At this time of "Global Crisis"... Where are the privileged celebrities...? By Bill Pilkington

We give such credence and prestige to Hollywood celebrities, and they lap it up...

But now that the US economy and the world at large is in a dire down-turn due to mismanagement, greed and corruption, where are the Julia Roberts, the Will Smiths, the Bruce Willis's, and the Tom Cruise's who enjoy such privilege. Where are they now, when the flip side of privilege, being responsibility and duty, are now more than ever needing a voice.

Yes they are all to ready to do Acne info-mercials, and endorsements for a pretty penny, not to mention the gazillions they are paid for lending their name (their talent is debatable), to other commercial enterprises, but where are they when their name and their faces could do such a great service to public awareness and be a public voice.

I have always been impressed with Susan Sarandon for stepping up and speaking the truth, even at the risk of falling out of favor with the powers that be. Even Babs Striesand, as conservative as she is, has the gonads to have an opinion,take a stand and do something. I suppose Oprah does her bit according to her conscience.

Hollywood as a whole has been less than prominent in it's responsibility to use it's power of persuasion for good.

We need the spoilt, overpaid, over-indulged celebrity name-sakes to use their positions of influence in the name of truth and justice to step up, and put their status to good use by way of expressing the true nature of public opinion to those who control the reigns. They need to earn their keep!!!!

Am I the only one who is deafened by their silence...?