August 29, 2008


How exciting! Lacoste was apparently so pleased with my dj set in Paris in July that they've hired me to recreate their 75th anniversary soirees in 3 places I thought I might never visit: Bangkok, Seoul and Beijing! I'll have my trusty camera and will definitely be on the lookout for some nonsensical lost in translation signs and labels like these from where there plenty more like these to view.


Blogger Unknown said...

One of your most devoted devotees lives right here in the heart of Tokyo and have lived in Korea, and go to Bangkok all the time. If you need any advice (Beijing an exception) just ask! You have to do the world's best sauna at Babylon in Bangkok. No one leaves there unhappy. From what I hear (via Ashton Cruz), you like the big uncut cocks like myself, and Thai men can be quite hung.

6:30 PM  
Blogger OKLAHOMO! said...

Dear Lady Bunny,
I lived in Beijing for a while, so if you want any tips, just let me know, dear. What ever will your venue be? I'm including a link to a toy I found in the suburbs south of Beijing while shopping with some friends. Two words: baby pooh.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

she twirls around the world

3:38 PM  

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